Looking for a Lawyer for DUI Defense in Boulder, CO?

The key to fighting a DUI charge is to act quickly and take immediate action to find skilled representation. The penalties following a DUI conviction are severe and can have long- term consequences. DUI convictions are punishable by prison time, large fines, license suspension and vehicle impoundment, which can all lead to a tainted criminal record. In order to challenge the district attorney in court, you need an experienced Boulder DUI lawyer from Lancaster Law Office LLC. The DUI process requires timely actions from the defendant. For example, if you are facing a license suspension, you only have a few days to request a DMV hearing to challenge the suspension. It is also difficult for the defendant to know the intricacies behind field sobriety test and chemical test law. For the best chance of fighting your charges, let a skilled DUI lawyer in Boulder make the arguments necessary for your case. Some of the ways our firm can defend you in court include:

  • Challenging the performance of the arresting officer in field sobriety tests
  • Challenging if the officer had probable cause to stop your vehicle and arrest you
  • Excluding evidence at trial if the officer did not provide you with Miranda warnings
  • Questioning the officer's testimony by other witness testimonies
  • Offering other explanations for your appearance and behavior

There are countless other reasons someone can perform badly during a field sobriety test or appear to be intoxicated. The Boulder DUI attorneys at our firm are familiar with this process and may be able to help you fight against your charges. We are skilled at predicting the arguments of district attorneys and we know the proper defenses. Need an attorney for a DUI case in Boulder? Contact our firm today to schedule your free initial consultation and fight against your charges.