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Charged with DUI and marijuana possession? Let Lancaster Law Office, LLC fight for your future.

Boulder DUI Lawyer

Severe Penalties In Marijuana DUI Cases

Our state laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI) and possession of marijuana are very strict, imposing severe DUI penalties for those that wind up being convicted such as:

  • Loss of drivers license, either temporary or permanent revocation
  • Incarceration
  • Substantial fines and fees
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Increase in your auto insurance rates
  • Court ordered substance abuse treatment or classes
  • Permanent negative impact on your legal record, which can severely hinder your ability to get and keep a job, as well as rent a property, as most employers ad landlords run background checks on applicants.

If you or someone you care about has recently been arrested for DUI involving marijuana or any other type of drug (DUID), you will need to protect your legal rights by hiring a competent Boulder DUI lawyer that has extensive experience in defending clients in these types of cases.

Many attorneys have experience in DUI defense for alcohol, but not necessarily with marijuana or other drug cases. This makes it vitally important to obtain the services of a legal counsel that has successfully defended clients in drug driving cases and that stays educated on the latest laws and procedures that can change from time to time when it comes to marijuana.

DUI/Marijuana Defense

At Lancaster Law Office, LLC our seasoned legal team knows how to defend you and protect your rights in marijuana DUI and other DUID cases. It is important to speak with your lawyer as soon as possible as the legal process will move along swiftly and you will have to immediately start building your defense to combat the charges.

We understand the tremendous pressure you are under to achieve a favorable result in your case. Our attorneys have dedicated their professional lives to protecting the rights of those accused and we will zealously fight for your future freedom, livelihood and reputation.

Contact a Boulder marijuana and DUI lawyer if you or have been arrested or charged.  Don't leave your future in jeopardy.


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