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Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado

In Colorado, crimes of domestic violence are not treated as separate offenses. Instead, domestic violence is a sentencing enhancement that increases the punishment for an offense that is committed against a person with whom the offender has an intimate relationship – such as current or former spouses/partners, parents, children, and roommates. This enhancement can be added to any criminal charge that involved the use of violence to control, coerce, or punish and current or former intimate partner.

Charges that commonly include a domestic violence enhancement include:

  • Assault

  • Harassment

  • Stalking

  • Sexual contact

  • Weapons charges

  • Menacing

  • Child abuse

  • Disorderly conduct

  • Restraining order charges

  • Property crimes

  • False imprisonment

  • Elder abuse

In addition to jail time and fines for the underlying charges, those facing domestic violence charges could experience several additional consequences, including immediate arrest, protection orders, domestic violence counseling, and loss of gun rights. A defendant who obtains a fourth conviction involving domestic violence will be labeled a habitual domestic violence offender – a Class 5 felony punishable by one to three years in prison and a fine of $1,000 to $1,000,000.

Mandatory Arrest for Domestic Violence

Colorado laws require mandatory arrest for all domestic violence cases. If the police have probable cause to believe that domestic violence is occurring, they must arrest that individual to ensure the alleged victim’s safety. Even if the victim says they do not want to press charges, the police must still take the offender into custody.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

Anyone who feels that they are a victim of domestic violence may request a restraining order from the local court. The court may grant a temporary restraining order that lasts for 14 days. If the threat of harm continues, the alleged victim may be awarded a permanent restraining order. In some cases, this type of order lasts forever. In addition, in any criminal case that involved domestic violence, a judge may include a restraining order as part of the punishment.

A protective order can include several terms, including avoiding contact with a victim, avoiding certain locations the victim may be, and temporarily surrendering custody of children to the victim. It is important to never violate a protective order. To do so is a misdemeanor, punishable by three to 24 months in jail and a fine of $250 to $5,000.

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