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Charged with DUI and vehicular assault? Protect your future with Lancaster Law Office, LLC.

Boulder Vehicular Assault Attorney

Are you facing charges for DUI involving assault?

If you have recently been arrested, or are facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI) with the added charge of vehicular assault, it is imperative that you obtain the legal services of a skilled Boulder DUI lawyer. A conviction for either of these serious charges, or both, can have a devastating impact on your life for many years.

You will be looking at DUI penalties like incarceration, heavy fines, possible vehicle confiscation, substantially higher insurance costs, court ordered alcohol treatment, probation, community service, a negative impact on your legal record and you could lose your license.

In order to avoid or minimize these severe penalties, you will need a seasoned lawyer that is intimately familiar and experienced in DUI laws and procedures. It is likely that the prosecution is already building their case against you so getting started on your defense is top priority right now.

At Lancaster Law Office, LLC, our attorneys know how to provide effective representation in DUI-related matters. Contact us today!

Experienced and Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer

There will be two battles that must be addressed quickly:

  • The first is your DMV hearing. You will have up to 7 days after your arrest to request a driver's license hearing in order to try and avoid license suspension. We will help to quickly prepare your case for this hearing so that you are ready to protect the status of your driver's license and your ability to drive.
  • The second part of your case will deal with the state's criminal charges against you. Driving under the influence and vehicular assault are serious charges that will need to be aggressively defended.

Our legal team will scrutinize every angle of your case and the circumstances of your arrest. We are extremely well versed in the technologies that are used during field sobriety tests, either during a traffic stop or at DUI checkpoints, in order to accuse a driver of DUI and subsequently make an arrest.

The fact is that there are many instances where there have been equipment malfunctions, inexperienced arresting officers and even unlawful or illegal police stops. We know how to successfully handle complex DUI cases with other charges involved and we are prepared to relentlessly defend you, and protect your legal rights and interests, in and out of court.

Contact a Boulder vehicular assault attorney at our firm now for a free case evaluation, if you or someone you care about has been charged with DUI involving vehicular assault.


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